Dance Video A Flock of Geese (Video 1)

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A Flock of Geese (J32, Mel and Ellie Briscoe: The Slip Knot Collection)
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Part of a longer demo; only twice through.
On [5-8] and [13-16] the top couple should make a 3/4 turn and cast off to 5th place. In three of the four occastions, the top couple in this video dances down omitting the turn.

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A Flock of Geese 5/5L · J32

1c+3c+5c set advancing to line of six NHJ with P on the right | BiL ; 1c turn ¾ RH and cast to 5pl while{4} 3c+5c turn ¾ RH and lead up to 1pl / 3pl (3,2,5,4,1)
3c+5c+1c repeat bars 1-8 from new places (5,2,1,4,3)
1c followed by 5c lead down the middle ; and up to 2pl/4pl (2c+4c up) (2,5,4,1,3)
2c+5c & 1c+3c R&L.

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