Dance Video Father Connelly's Jig (Video 4)

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Father Connelly's Jig (J64, John Drewry: The Donside Book)
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Murrough Landon (Oct. 10, 2019, 7:54 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Father Connelly's Jig 4/4L · J64

1c+2c Set&Rotate (All set | petronella clw one place ; change places RH with P | chase one place clw) (2,1,3,4)
½ diagonal R&L with 1cnrs (W up, M down) while{4} the 2cnrs (2M+3W) set & cross RH, all cnrs face out ; ½ Reels3 on the sides, 1c Rsh to 2cnr pos. (no loops at the end) (2x,1x,3x,4)
Repeat figure from these positions with 2cnr persons (in 3cnr positions ; M up, W down) (to 2,1,3,4), 2c+3c finishing with loops into
Reels3 across (Lsh to 1cnr) (2,1,3,4)
1c cross down RH between 3c | cast Rsh round new 1cnr (4W resp. 3M) ; change places up/dn LH | cast L (3c up) to (2,3,1,4)
3c+1c+4c repeat the figures [9-24] above (2,3,1,4)
3c+1c+4c Circle6 and back (optional: 2c join in for Circle8 and back) (1c step down, to 2,3,4,1)

(note by Drewry: This is really two successive 3c dances of 32 bars, the figures of bars 9-24 being similar.

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