Dance Video Eva Three Step (Video 5)

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Eva Three Step (X16, Sydney W Painter: A Guide to Scottish Country Dancing (ex-Collins))
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Eva Three Step 1RR · X16

Couples with nearer hands joined facing counter-clockwise around the room, Men on the Left Start with outside foot - instructions for man

Walk 3 steps forward and point (L,R,L and point)
Woman crosses in front of her partner with 3 steps and point, while man crosses behind 3 steps and point (R,L,R and point). Rejoin nearer hands after crossing.
Repeat 3-4 with man crossing in front of woman (no turns on the crossings).
Walk backward 3 steps and touch, finishing in ballroom hold.
2 side steps along LOD, 2 side steps' back;
2 waltz turns along LOD

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