Dance Video 6-O and a Dog (Video 2)

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6-O and a Dog (J32, Viktor Lehmann)
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6-O and a Dog 3/3L · J32

1s+3s set, then 1/2 RA, while 2s XR and cast to their right to end between cpls (2L facing down, 2M between facing up)
Half circle to the left
From lines across, set & link for three to sidelines
All chase halfway round clw
2s TR 1/2, stay facing one another in the middle. Both set, with 2M turning on the spot to face ladies‘ side, 2L firmly putting fists on her hips while setting. 2M leading a chase around his 1st crnr pos, 2s to end on own side in 3rd place (cpl in 3rd plc step up on 23+24).
2L+3M XR to change places and set, while 3L+2M chase half way round the set clw while 1s set and cross right hand
Half circle to the left (3 1 2)

On bars 1, 9 and 25, everyone shouts „six“. On bars 5, 13 and 29, everyone shouts „oh“. On bars 19, 19 1/2 and 20, the corners stomp 3x with the right foot and hands in their hips, shouting „Walk the dog“.

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