Dance Video The Bull Stane (Video 2)

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The Bull Stane (R40, Mary Shoolbraid Brandon: Honolulu Book)
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Murrough Landon (July 11, 2020, 11:06 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Hong Kong SCD group. Once through. The video starts about half way through the opening reels.

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The Bull Stane 3/4L · R40

1c+2c+3c Mirror reels on own side, 2c starts out and up (1,2,3)
1c cross RH | cast off (2c up) ; dance Rsh round 2cnr to finish (2,1x,3)
“Double circles of three”: All W slip L to next W place | and set while{4} all M set | and slip R to next M place, in 2pl dancer slipping passes behind the dancer setting. Repeat these 4 bars twice (2,1x,3)
All turn P RH, finish (2,1x,3), 1c facing out
1c cast R round 1cnr to meet in middle and pivot R to finish BtoB ; dance out the ends and cast R to finish (2,1,3)

On second time through 4c step up on [39-40] as 1c finish in 4pl.

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