Dance Video The Swilcan (Video 4)

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The Swilcan (J32, James B Cosh: RSCDS XXIII 8)
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Murrough Landon (July 17, 2020, 8:05 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Vienna branch Book 23 video project. Complete dance with view from above, then repeat with view at eye height.

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The Swilcan 4/4L · J32

1c+2c & 3c+4c join RH on side and Balance in Lines across | Hold RH and BiL on own side (2,1,4,3) ; the middle pairs (1M+4M & 1W+4W) hold LH and BiL across | hold LH and BiL on sides (2,4,1,3)
Reels4 on the sides
2c+4c & 1c+3c Circle4 ; 4c+1c LHA (2,4,1,3)
1c+3c ½ R&L ; 3c+1c cross RH , 4c+3c change places on side LH (2,3,4,1)

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