Dance Video The Inside Oot Fish Eater (Video 1)

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The Inside Oot Fish Eater (R32, Caroline Bradshaw / Ian Brockbank: The Badger's Sett)
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Murrough Landon (July 27, 2020, 11:02 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Twice though as part of the Newcastle RSCDS demo at the 2015 Newcastle festival. The first time as expected in a 5 couple set though the last 6 bars are adapted to repeat the dance in a 7 couple set on the other axis.

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The Inside Oot Fish Eater 5/5L · R32

1c+3c lead down (2c+4c up) ; and up to face cnrs
1c+3c with 1cnrs »cnrs pass and turn«, swivel R to face 4cnr ; repeat with 4cnrs, dancing C finish BtoB facing out own side
2c+4c+5c 8 bars of Petronella while{8} 1c+3c dance out, cast R, cross between setting Cs, cast R to finish (2x,1x,4x,3x,5x) all setting on [23-24]
2c turn ½ RH while{2} 1c+4c & 3c+5c ½ RHA | All set ; All C turn RH (or birl) 2,4,1,5,3)

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