Dance Video Pandemonic! (Video 1)

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Pandemonic! (R32, Viktor Lehmann: The Pandemic Set of Dances)
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Murrough Landon (July 28, 2020, 11:20 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Deer O'Dale Dance School (Ufa, Russia). Last dance before lockdown. The deviser notes: In the first repeat, the transition from the fugue into the reel across is not really correct. Repeat 2 and repeat 3 (even more) show the correct transition. To make the entry into the reel easier for second lady, second couple should be ready to face in at the end of bar 16 being on the outside of the set.

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Pandemonic! 3/3L · R32

This is a hands free dance. 1C successfully brought to a hold after 16 bars, yay, after a fugal start spreading the pattern all over the place.

1C petronella turn.
1C set facing up and down while 2C petronella turn (2L between 1C)
1C petronella turn to opp. side while 2C set while 3C petronella turn (3L between 2C)
1C set while 2C petronella to opp. side while 3C set.
1C pass LS back to own side, facing out while 2C set while 3C petronella to opp. side.
1C start casting into 3rd place, 2C cross up (no hands) to top place facing in while 3C set.
1C finish casting into 3rd place, 2C pass LS facing out and 3C cross up to 2nd place (no hands) facing in.
1C set while 2C cast down to 2nd place facing in while 3C pass LS to finish back to back facing partner's side; 2C+3C forming a line across the dance.
2C+3C reel of four across the dance, finishing shoulder to shoulder facing down with men on the left of their partner, 3C in the lead.
2C+3C cross down below 1C, cast up, meet in the center to face up. 3C cast into second place, 2C finish in 1st place turning inwards. Finish in the order 2, 3, 1.

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