Dance Video The Micmac Rotary (Video 4)

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The Micmac Rotary (R96, John Drewry: Autumn Collection 1983)
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Murrough Landon (Sept. 13, 2020, 9:45 a.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Edinburgh University demo at the Aberdeen Festival 2017. Some of the turns towards the end are here done with birling.

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The Micmac Rotary 4S · R96

Fig 1

1s+3s set & dance "La Baratte":
Men 1/2 turn Lady RH & retains hand but at arm's length from each other
Men retrace steps with Lady turning right under Man's arm briefly into Allemande hold (Man behind Lady facing Ladies original place) & releasing Ladies RH she turns under Mans left arm until almost in original places
Couples change places LH to change places facing out
2s+4s (prom hold) Adv+Ret while 3s & 1s Promenade anticlockwise 3/4 way round to face out to side couples (1s face 4s & 3s face 2s), all (in prom hold) pass facing couples RSh, 1s & 3s dance back to original places while side couples dance in & round opp couple LSh & return to pl
Repeat bars 1-16 with 2s & 4s dancing "La Baratte" & Promenading round

Fig 2

1L+2M & 3L+4M 1/2 turn RH & dance RH across 1/2 way, 1L & 3L turn their own corners RH 1.1/2 times to place
2L & 4L repeat bars 1- 8
All set to partners, petronella turn (Ladies BtoB) & set twice On second setting the Ladies turn right about to form a circle while partners dances in behind them & place hands on their hips
Ladies circle 4H round to left (small steps) with partners behind them then & all turn partners RH back to places

Fig 3

All circle 8H round & back
Ladies dance RH across & turn partners LH 1.1/2 times to bring Men into middle
Men dance RH across & turn partners LH into prom hold facing anticlockwise
All Promenade round

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