Dance Video The Wild Goose Chase (Video 1)

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The Wild Goose Chase (J32, John Drewry: The Brodie Book)
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Twice through; the second time the final bars are modified to lead into the next dance of the demo.

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The Wild Goose Chase 4/4L · J32

1W followed by 1M Lsh Fig8 round 2W and 3W, while{8} 4M followed by 4W Lsh Fig8 round 3M and 2M,, finish (1x,2,3,4x) with 1c facing 4c NHJ
1c set to 4c while{2} 2c/3c dances up/down to join the end Cs in two facing lines of 4 across NHJ | all set advancing ; 2M+1W+3M+4W (on M side) & 2W+1M+3W+4M (on W side) RHA, again into the lines across
1c+2c & 3c+4c Reels4 across, 1c & 4c end on midline RHJ with P, LHJ in middle
1c+4c BiL, turn P ¾ RH to face up RHJ ; 1c+4c lead up, cast off round 2c to (2,4,1,3)

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