Dance Video The Grampian Strathspey (Video 2)

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The Grampian Strathspey (S32, Grampian Collection of Scottish Country Dances)
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Murrough Landon (April 7, 2021, 10:25 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Bellingham Scottish Country Dancers Demonstration Team. Skagit Valley Highland Games & Celtic Festival, July 8, 2017. Twice through, starting around bar 2.

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The Grampian Strathspey 4S · S32

All Grand Chain (RH to partner to begin)
1s lead down middle through 3rd place, while the other 3 couples dance up on the sides (3s dividing to their nearer side) to follow 1s. Side couples meet the person standing opposite them to begin, i.e 4M meets 2L and 2M meets 4L.
Each pair in turn divide at bottom and dance up on nearer side to finish in 2 lines of 4 facing inwards.
All set (joining nearer in lines) and cross with RH with opposite person 1/2 reel of 4 (the 2 in the inside of each line turn to their R to face nearer end, all pass R to begin reel)
Allemande in 2 group of 2 pairs, (To begin the Order of pairs from top to bottom, 3M + 3L facing diagonally down, 2M + 4L facing diagonally, 4M + 2L facing diagonally down, 1M + 1L facing diagonally up. The 2 pairs facing up and the 2 pairs facing down dance together) each pair dances diagonally R and travel round the set in an anti-clockwise direction for 4 places, all turning to L on 5th step to finish in 2 lines up and down set, all facing middle, all move into middle M bring L across in front to face him on 6 (order 2L + 4M, 1M + 1L, 3L + 3M, 2M + 4L)
Criss-cross to place (each M releasing RHs, passes the L he is holding by L on bar 31, the passes the next L he meets by R, all travelling into original places, on the last step the ladies travelling CW on the outside of circle)

Repeat with each couple in turn leading through the opposite place on bar 9 and following the same routine but from a different alignment.

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