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Dance Video The Shepherd's Crook (Video 10)

Lughnasad at the Forpost festival 2013
A slightly adapted version as part of a theatrical display.
The Shepherd's Crook (S72, Scottish Dances collected by Mary Isdal MacNab)
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Murrough Landon (June 27, 2021, 11:24 a.m.) – Source: YouTube
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A slightly adapted version as part of a theatrical display.

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The Shepherd's Crook 3p · S72

Line of three - Man between 2 Ladies

All turn right about to face the opp direction, dance away for 4 steps, turn right about to face the other way & dance forward for 4 steps
All set (e.g. “Rocking Step”) for 8 bars
Dance the “Shepherd’s Crook” - Lady on the Man’s right dances round under the arch made by Man & the other Lady, Man follows under the arch while the other Lady turns under her own right arm. Repeat with Lady on the Man’s left leading
Man sets HS (starting left foot) with Lady on right (ballroom hold) & turns her RH. Man repeats with Lady on left
All dance a reel of 3 - Man starts by passing LSh with Lady on right
All facing the top set (e.g. “Crossover” [Huntly] step) for 8 bars
All circle round left for 4 bars & back to right ending in line across facing the top
All dance the final step of the ‘Highland Fling’. Bar 68: M turns Right about, Ladies pivot right about. Bars 71-72: M dances double L turn about, Ladies turn L about with 4 walking steps.

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