Dance Video On the Boardwalk (Video 2)

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On the Boardwalk (R32, Bruce Herbold: Excited States)
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Bruce Herbold (Sept. 7, 2021, 1:43 a.m.) – Source: YouTube
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The video begins on bar 17 of the first of three times through the dance. At the end the standing out couple joins for the final turn. Otherwise the dance is very much as envisioned by the devisor. Recorded at the 2021 Highland Games in Pleasanton CA USA

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On the Boardwalk 2/4L · R32

1c set | cross RH ; 1c+2c set | turn RH into allemande hold, 1c facing up, 2c facing down
1c & 2c curve L to line across, 1c facing down, 2c facing up | set ; 1c turn LH while{4} 2c turn 1½ LH to face P and own side
LSh Reel4 across, end in promhold, 1c facing up, 2c facing down
1c & 2c promenade round ¾ clw ; turn ¾ RH (2,1)

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