Dance Video Nice to See You (Video 2)

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Nice to See You (R32, Elsie Craig: RSCDS XL 3)
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Roger Picken (Jan. 27, 2013, 12:24 a.m.) – Source: YouTube
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This short video shows a simple Scottish country dance from RSCDS Book 40, "Nice to See You". This dance is done "round the room" in lines of three facing each other (as in the dance, Dashing White Sergeant). After each repetition of the dance, the lines progress to meet the next line of three towards them. In the ballroom, there would be lots of lines of three all the way round the room. Here we only have 9 dancers involved, just to give the idea.

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Nice to See You 3+3RR · R32

All circle6 and back
Each M with the two W on his right (own and opposite line) RHA ; the M pass Rsh into LHA with the W on the L.
Each M Fig8 round opposite two W (starting Lsh to opposite W on his R) to finish between them
All W turn W opposite RH 1½ to rejoin their M partner ; all trios set NHJ | all set swiveling R to face new trio

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