Dance Video Twelvesome Reel (Video 6)

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Twelvesome Reel (R32, Barry Priddey: Twelvesome Reel and 4 more)
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Murrough Landon (Sept. 19, 2022, 9:48 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Red Thistle Dancers, 2022. Three times.

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Twelvesome Reel 6S · R32

Square 4C set, 5c in middle facing 1c ; 6c facing 3c

1c+2c+3c+4c ½ circle8 left ; set advancing (keep hands) and cast R out to new places while{8} 5c+6c set to P | set diagonally to centre ; LHA
3c+5c+6c+1c parallel Reels4, 5c+6c do not pass last Lsh but swivel R to face nearest side couple
2c+5c+6c+4c parallel Reels4 across, 5c+6c do not pass last Lsh (5c+6c have now changed places)
Each centre person (5M, 5W, 6M & 6W) RHA with their nearest two corners ; 5c+6c ½ LHA while{2} others chase ¼ clw, 1c+3c (on sides) RH turn while{2} 2c+5c & 4c+6c (top/bottom) ½ RHA (5,3,6,1,2,4)

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