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Formation Interrupted Set to Corners and Partner 334

Two typical dances: Hanna’s Pride 32J 3C Dunsmuir Dances Book (the Quarries) Chris Ronald’s Strathspey 32 Bar Strathspey for 3C/4L set (Ron Wallace, San Andreas Collection, #9)

The original description in the Dunsmuir Book reads:

25–32 1st couple dance interrupted set to corners and partner (hello-goodbye): 1st couple set to 1st comers and partner then tum with right hands to face 2nd comers. 1st couple set to 2nd comers and partner then tum with right hands to finish in second place.

In strathspey@strathspey.org:66273 we read the details:

1C move to the sideline on the left foot but instead of facing partner have right shoulder facing partner, then the right hand turn is a three quarter turn to face second corner; similarly, set to second corner on the right foot, move on the left foot to between 2C or 3C but again don’t face partner but have right shoulder facing ready for an easy three quarter right hand turn to second place on own side.