Issue 1930: Title and Publisher

Whetherly Book 24 (Dances 17th, 18th, 19th Century) (Publication)
Mark Dancer (Aelfric) – (copies requested)
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Murrough Landon

The title as per the cover is simply "The Whetherly Book of Scottish Country Dances Number 24". There's no title page, and there's nothing to indicate the contents relate to historical dances until you actually start reading the book.

The dances were devised (more correctly, modernised) by John W. Mitchell, but the publisher is Wallace Mitchell & Co., of Hove, Sussex. I don't know if you want to reflect that in the database—I suspect it's probably the same for the other Whetherly books but I don't have any of the others to confirm this.

There's no publication date on the physical book, nor is there an ISBN, bar code, or any other identification marks, so it's difficult to verify anything else about the book.



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Thanks. I added a small note to the extra info about the title and linked to this issue.

Regarding the publisher, I think the SCDDB usage is more in the spirit of who was responsible for the book than the distributor of paper copies. So keeping John Mitchell's name in that field is perhaps more appropriate in this case.

Ive marked the issue as fixed, but Eric, who has clearly worked on this publication according to the editing history, may wish to comment...

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