Issue 2170: "Well Done Jack" devised by Nathanial Kynaston in 1718

Well Done Jack (Dance)
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Your database claims "Devised by Unknown (1719)"

According to "The Playford Assembly" (Graham Christian, 2015) "Well Done Jack" was devised by Nathanial Kynaston and first published in Walsh's "Twenty Four New Country Dances for the Year 1718" (rather than 1719) which was written by Kynaston.

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Thanks. I have added Nathaniel Kynaston as deviser (web searches suggest he is spelled that way, rather than Nathanial) and have updated the extra info for the dance with your comment.

Among my web searches I turned up an ECD video (also linked in the dance extra info) and was interested to hear that the ECD version of the dance includes Set and Link which the RSCDS version does not.

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