Issue 2171: history and details of the dance

The Micmac Rotary (Dance)
Bruce Herbold – (copies requested)
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Murrough Landon

The listed history for this dance does not include its first publication in the 1983 Autumn collection (Of which I would be happy to send a copy.)

In that 1983 publication (and as we usually dance it in the San Francisco area because Mr Drewry taught it here at a workshop in about 1983) it is suggested that, if the dance is to be danced twice, that the women change partners into the neighboring set during the closing promenade and then change back at the end of the second time through. At the workshop IIRC Mr Drewry explained that this was prompted by teh fact that where it was first danced two dance halls were connected by a wide doorway, but that the two halls were not big enough for two sets so he added the swap of partners as each couple passed teh doorway. Knowing Mr Drewry this might be embellishment, but it is how we dance it here.

I think it might also be worth noting that this is the first dance with La Baratte.

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Thanks. The SCDDB record for Drewry's 1983 Autumn Collection does not include Micmac Rotary so yes it would be useful if you could send a scan of your copy. Ideally to

Meanwhile I have copied most of your issue text as extra info for the dance.

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Bruce told me via email that his copy of Drewry's 1983 Autumn Collection actually had three dances missing from the original SCDDB entry which just had 20. The Micmac Rotary, Craig Mhor and The Kicking Horse have now been added to the publication and this update also mentioned in its extra info.

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