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101 Scottish Country Dances (Publication)
Wanda van Taanom – (copies requested)
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Murrough Landon

I've got edition that in total (after reprinted January 1957) give: reprinted with corrections October 1957 reprinted Januari 1969 reprinted November 1961

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Thanks. I just wondered about your reprint dates which you give as 1957, 1969, but then 1961. As the last one is out of order I wondered if that was really what you meant?

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on 7-6 I replied to your private mail addres: "Hello Murrough, you were busy till late....

and sorry, there was a typing error that I did not notice before sending,

there was a reprint in jan 1957, a reprint with correction in oct 1957, a reprint in jan 1960 (NOT 1969) and one in nov 1961.

Greetings Wanda

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