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Glendarroch (Dance)
Wanda van taanom –
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Murrough Landon

On our copy of this wierdlaw sheet nr 4 under (recommended) music : "Hugh Foss's Strathspey" and " Alison Foss's Strathspey" - both composed by Peter White and played AABA? Both tunes correctly arranged, are included in Peter White's recordi g of "The Kendoon Strathspey" - Thistle Record BSLPb66. Note , however, that The Kendoon Strathspey" is played eight ti es through.

The there is a piece of paper pasted over other text: " Glendarroch" was devksed by iain Boyd in memory of Hugh Foss. All profit from the sale of this leaflet wi.. be uzed for the publicztion of Hugh Foss's unpublished dances.

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