Issue 2642: Date of publication of The County Town Dances by Oluf T N Olufsen

Ayr Country Town Book (Publication)
Diane Rooney – (copies requested)
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Murrough Landon

Hi Folks, I have inherited a copy of this publication dated 1983. It is hand written cost 40p and the proceeds went to Ayr Branch RSCDS 1983 Jubilee fund.

I searched for information on the publication title and on individual dances listed and came up blank. Somehow via looking for individual tunes for the Maureen Chilles Reel I have stumbled across the publication!?

Happy days - Thanks for all that you do keeping this website up to date - it's amazing and very much appreciated.

Cheers Diane

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Thanks. I updated the publication date and extra info.

If you would like the database to have more information about the dances maybe you send scans of your copy to

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