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San Diego Bicentennial (Publication)
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My copy, which may be the first edition, shows the dances in this order. No need to change if the order shown is for another edition. 1 Oh My America! 1 The Craigdarroch Jig 3 Hands Across The Ocean 4 McCormick's Reaper 5 The Prairie Schooner 6 The Ballachulish Ferry 7 John Paul Jones' Apologies to Lady Selkirk 8 No The Noo, Johnny 9 The High Road 10 Battle Road 11 My Piper's Dream 12 Washington Crossing 13 The Covered Wagon

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Thanks. The scans available to the e-cribs team have numbered pages in the same order as the ones given here. As its not clear if different editions might have different orders the order in the database is left unchanged for the moment but I added an extra note linking to this issue.

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