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Issue 2762: Linking tune entry 1793 to 802

Welcome to Queen's Cross (Tune)
Adrian Conrad
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Murrough Landon
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SCDDB dance entry 7028 is for the dance Welcome to Queen’s Cross (4x48S), evidently associated with Aberdeen. This dance has two associated recording entries – 5222 by Frank Thomson and his SDB from album 393, and 2244 by Rob Gordon and his Band, used in both the two albums 207 and 392. (Well done to the SCDDB team for spotting this re-use.) Both these recordings listed in SCDDB use the original tune composed fo this dance by Eileen Thomson. That dance is named Mrs Kyd’s Favourite – see tune entry 802 – no doubt referring to the Fanny P Kyd who evidently devised the dance. I can confirm that the snippet playable for tune 802 in the Frank Thomson recording 5222 matches the tune starting my own vinyl copy of the Rob Gordon recording 2244, album 207 (Caledonian Ball Vol. 4). Unfortunately both the published Rob Gordon albums stated incorrectly that the first tune had the same name as the actual dance, i.e. Welcome to Queen’s Cross, and accordingly SCDDB has created entry 1793 for a tune also named Welcome to Queen’s Cross, with the composer given as “E. Thompson” . But this “tune” is in fact tune 802 composed by Eileen Thomson. If either tune or recording entries on SCDDB included Extra Info tabs, it would be possible to include a short note saying that tune 1793 is in fact a misnaming of tune 802. But since there are no such tabs I can only suggest that (if this is possible) the overview for tune 1793 could include the extra line(s) saying This is a misnaming of Mrs Kyd’s Favourite, the original tune for the dance Welcome to Queen’s Cross. where ideally both names above would be links, to SCDDB entries tune 802 and dance 7028 respectively.

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Thanks Adrian for such a comprehensive summary!

For the moment I just added some extra notes to the tunes, and to the “E Thompson” person, linking to this issue. I also added an alias name for tune #802. NB for some reason extra info for tunes is on the overview page rather than in a separate tab as for dances (and persons).

Ideally the tune entry #1793 would be deleted - but at the moment its also linked to the dance Murchadh Strathspey (#4831). So that dance would need its recommended tune changed first.

It seems OK to delete “E Thompson” as a mistaken and misspelled duplicate - but I have not yet done that.