Correction/Addition Imperial Book of Scottish Country Dances Vol I (Publication)

Improving the Database With Your Help

This page lets you submit corrections or additional information for the database to the database maintainers (and nowhere else). Please report errors (e.g., dance “X” is listed as a 32-bar jig but is, in fact, called “The X” and is a 40-bar reel) and send us information that is missing from the database.

We also welcome interesting details that warrant inclusion in the database canon (and could be put into “notes”).

We need to know your information sources so we can cross-check; unreferenced information is not very useful. Please try to be clear and unambiguous – it saves us having to ask you for more detail.

Please refrain from submitting comments saying (in their entirety) things like “Hey, my name is McGonigle and I think it's cool that there's a dance called McGonigle's Reel” (this has actually happened!) – such comments are a waste of your time as well as ours since they will be silently ignored.

Please also refrain from sending queries like “I see you have an entry for McGonigle's Reel; my auntie's maiden name was McGonigle so please send me everything you know about the dance” (this has also happened!) Everything useful that we know is already visible on these pages, therefore that type of comment will also be ignored.

Your correction/addition

From the following words, enter the one that describes a type of Scottish country dance: stereo, sun, jig, car.