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0 00:00The Flight of the Sandmartins R48 · 3/3L
Jack McConachie: The Reel · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

On the second chord 1c change sides (1x,2,3).

1W+2W dance BtoB, moving one place to the R while{4} 1M+2M set and cast one place to the L (2,1x,3) ; 1M+2M dance BtoB (2,1x,3)
2c+1c R&L
2W+1W+3W Lsh Reel3{6} (1W through and up) | all turn P RH
2M+1M+3M Reel3{6} (1M through and down) | All turn P RH, finishing in triangular formation with Men with backs to the centre
Schiehallion Reel
All cpls turn BH to finish (2x,3,1)

In an alternative version, [9-16] and [17-24] are interchanged, and 1W starts through and down on bar 9. There is also a version for a 3C/4L set (8x48).

0 00:00The Wind on Loch Fyne S32 · 3T
John Bowie Dickson: Thirty Popular Dances, Volume Two · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

1c cross down, 1W / 1M Figs8 round 2c / 3c (pass between, meet & touch NH, out between same couple, cast up, turn RH ½ to place.
All C face P for Rsh interlocking Reels4 (acknowledge P on [12], on [16] turn ¾ RH into:
Men LHA 2/3 cclw while{2} women dance clw one place | all C turn RH ; repeat to new places (2,3,1).
All C set NHJ | ½ circle6 left ; all C turn BH | ½ circle6 left (2,3,1)

0 00:00The First Rain of Spring J32 · 3/3L
Wouter Joubert: RSCDS XLIX 4 · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

1c dance down below 3c | cast up 1 place ; dance up to 1pl facing out | 1c+2c ½ turn EH, 2c face out
2c+1c DblFig8, 1c crossing up
1c+3c turn P RH ¾ and face P up/dn | set ;
(½ Celtic Reel) 1c+3c pass Rsh | “outers” chase ¼ way clw while{2} “inners” turn (no hands) ¾ Lsh to face same person ; repeat
1c+3c Turn P RH ¾ | all set