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0 00:00Come Under My Plaidie J32 · 2RR
Scottish Country Dances for Children · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

All turn person opposite RH ; all turn P LH ¾ into promhold, next to other couple (M inside), facing cclw
Both C promenade once cclw to original places
L-Chain (along line of dance)
All A&R ; All advance [3] passing opposite person Rsh, retire [1] to face new couple

0 00:00The Westminster Reel R32 · 2/4L
Jeremy Hill: RSCDS XLV 1 · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

1M+2W turn RH to places ; 1W+2M turn RH 1½ to face P for
1c+2c Rsh diagonal Reel4, all ending in own places
1c+2c Set&Rotate (set diagonally | cast 1 place clw ; change RH with P | chase 1 place clw)
2c+1c R&L

note the difference: the standard Set&Rotate starts with set to P

0 00:00Miss Gibson's Strathspey S32 · 3/4L
Derek Haynes: The Leaflet Dances with Music · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

1c+2c set | turn BH ; circle4 L
1c+2c Knot, 1c finish facing 1cnrs
Turn CPCP, with final wide ¾ LH turn into
Teapots R and L (1M+3c & 1W+2c RHA, 1c pass Rsh, cnrs not to sidelines ; 1M+2c & 1W+3c LHA) (2,1,3)

0 00:00Postie's Jig J32 · 4/4L
Roy Clowes: Thirty Popular Dances, Volume Two · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

1c+4c set, cast to middle positions (2c+3c step to end) ; 1c&4c ½ Fig8 round end C (2,1x,4x,3)
1M+4M and 1W+4W cross NHJ, (W under men's arch), turn cnr ¾ with 'free' hand ; 1c facing 4c change places NHJ (arch going up), turn cnr as before
Repeat (Men's arch ; arch going up)
1c+4c ½ R&L ; turn P RH

Note that both times the couple moving UP makes the arch.

0 00:00Advance but no Retire R32 · 3/4L
Geraldine & Holger Schuckelt: Riverside Dances · Crib: MiniCribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

1s+2s+3s dance 1/2 mirror reels of 3 on sides (1s dance in/down to start); 1s+2s 1/2 turn on sides (Men LH, Ladies RH), 1M casts up, 1L casts down to end 1M between 3s (at top), 1L between 2s (at bottom)
1s petronella turn to 2nd place own side while 2s+3s advance (PdeB) slightly to Left to join hands in line up/down centre, all set
1s petronella turn to centre while 2s+3s advance (PdeB) slightly to Right to form lines of 3 across, 1L+3s at top facing down, 1M+2s at bottom facing up, all set
1s dance RSh round 3rd corner (1M up/out, 1L down/out), pass partner RSh & dance RSh round 4th corner to 2nd place own sides. (3) 1 (2)
3s+1s+2s dance diag R&L. End 2 1 3

0 00:00The Wild Mountain Thyme S32 · 3T
Pat Paterson: Southsea Celebrates 50 Years of Scottish Country Dancing · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

All set to P | turn P RH ; all M LHA
All set to P | turn P LH ; all W RHA
All W pass P RSh {1}, next person LSh {1} ; turn next person BH {2} ; all W repeat [17-20] from new places (all W have progressed one place clw)
Set in circle | Circle6 {2} L ; all dance into centre, loop R and chase clw to places (all M to original places, all W having progressed)

0 00:00The Cranberry Tart J32 · 3/4L
Terry Glasspool: Thirty Popular Dances, Volume Two · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

Fugue: 1M set | cast (2M up) ; set | petronella to between 3c ;; set with 3c | advance with 3c ; retire with 3c | advance alone while{16} 1W waits {2} and then repeats 1M’s [1-14], dancing with 2c, on [16] 1W pivots R to give Rsh to 2W
1W with 1M following Reel3 across with 2c, finish (2,1,3)
Parallel Reels3 on own sides, 1c Rsh to 3c (2,1,3)

0 00:00The Black Mountain Reel R32 · 5/5L
Derek Haynes: Thirty Popular Dances, Volume Two · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

1c & 3c cross RH | cast off (2c+4c up) ; ½ Fig8 up and face 1cnr
Turn CPCP (1c & 3c turn 1cnr RH, P LH, 2cnr RH, P LH), finish facing 1cnr
1c & 3c Reels4 with 1cnrs, at the end pass P Lsh.
1W+2c (top), 1M+4c+3W (middle) and 3M+5c (bottom) RHA ; 1c & 3c turn LH and cast off (4c+5c up). (to: 2,4,1,5,3)

0 00:00Moment Of Truth S32 · 3/4L
Claudette Sigg: RSCDS XXXVII 2 · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

1c turn BH, cast off (2c up) ; dance NHJ between 3c, cast up to 1cnrs
Turn CPCP to finish between end cpl facing 1cnrs, 1W above, 1M below
Lsh Reels3{6} across (to 2,1,3) | All C turn BH
»Cnrs Pass and Turn«: 1c pass Rsh and loop Rsh round 1cnr positions while{4} 1cnrs turn each other BH, to places ; 1c pass Rsh in the middle and repeat with 2cnrs, 1c pass each other Rsh to (2,1,3)

0 00:00The Wild Goose Chase J32 · 4/4L
John Drewry: The Brodie Book · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

1W followed by 1M Lsh Fig8 round 2W and 3W, while{8} 4M followed by 4W Lsh Fig8 round 3M and 2M,, finish (1x,2,3,4x) with 1c facing 4c NHJ
1c set to 4c while{2} 2c/3c dances up/down to join the end Cs in two facing lines of 4 across NHJ | all set advancing ; 2M+1W+3M+4W (on M side) & 2W+1M+3W+4M (on W side) RHA, again into the lines across
1c+2c & 3c+4c Reels4 across, 1c & 4c end on midline RHJ with P, LHJ in middle
1c+4c BiL, turn P ¾ RH to face up RHJ ; 1c+4c lead up, cast off round 2c to (2,4,1,3)

0 00:00The Arctic Circle R64 · 4S
John Drewry: New Dances by John Drewry 2005 · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

Circle8 and back
1c+3c: with person opposite dance ½ Fig8 through nearest side couple, turn RH ½, and twirl R to own place facing out
All turn cnr EH and face P ; All set to P and turn P BH with skip-change, to places
2c+4c: repeat [9-24]
All W ½ RHA | dance Lsh round opposite M | ½ RHA to places
All M ½ LHA | dance Rsh round opposite W | ½ LHA into
In promhold, M on the L, all dance cclw round the set to places.

0 00:00The Chain Walk S32 · 3/3L
Roy Goldring: 14 Social Dances for 2000 · Crib: E-cribs

1M+3W pass Lsh to face 3M / 1W resp. | ½Reel4 on 2diag. | 3M+1W cast clw 2 places while{2} 1M+3W loop in, all to P's place (1x ,2, 3x)
1c+2c RHA, 1M ends facing out ; 1M casts 2 behind W line, in round 3M and up to 2W place, facing down while{4} 1W follows parallel path down the middle, round 3W and to 2M place (2c up on 15-16) (2,1x,3x)
G-Chain (2c cross)
2c+1c LHA ; 1c+3c lead up between top couple, cross and cast off to order 2,3,1

For Maureen and Derek Haynes

0 00:00The Elusive Muse J32 · 3/3L
Tim Wilson: Measures of Pleasure · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

1W dances Rsh round P into the centre ; 1c (W beckoning and leading)+2c ½ Lsh Reel3, 2c finish in 1pl, 1c face down, M on L
1c dance down the middle NHJ ; change sides to face up, 1W crossing above 1M and under joined arms | 1c dance up to between 3c
1c (W leading)+3c ½ Rsh Reel3, 3c finish in 3pl ; 1c (M on R) dance up and cast off (2x,1x,3x)
S&Link3 twice (3,1,2)

0 00:00Petronella R32 · 2/4L
RSCDS I 1 · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

1c Petronella Turn | set ; repeat (1x,2)
Repeat (1,2)
1c lead down the middle and up
1c+2c Poussette (2,1)