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Nov. 2, 1996
Andy Peterson
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Jan. 2, 2018, 4:50 a.m.

Callum Hall, US Military Academy at West Point Music by Alisdair Fraser & Muriel Johnstone Sherry 6 PM H Dinner 6:30 PM H Ball 8 PM

The Star Spangled Banner followed by God Save The Queen followed by O Canada!

Jeannie R. B. Carmichael

Jeannie Carmichael was the moving force in Scottish country dancing in the U.S. In 1947, with a nucleus drawn from an English folk dance group in Boston, Miss Carmichael inaugurated the first Scottish dance group in North America to be affiliated with the Royal Scottish Dance Society.

in 1954 Miss Carmichael was invited to New York City by Mary Ann Herman, of Folk Dance House, to conduct a workshop in Scottish country dance. A number of the New York dancers were so impressed withthe grace and elegance of this kind of dancing that they bean to practice on their own. In the fall of 1955, Miss Charmichael began to make trips from Boston every other week to teach them.

With the help of Stanley Greenberg, who later became its first president, the group contained to grow and in May of 1959, became a bonafide branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. In the fall of that year, the first teacher-candidates from New York were certified by the Society in Edinburgh.

Jennie Carmichael died on September 6, 1966, and in November of 1968, the New York Branch held it's first weekend workshop and ball as a memorial to her.

Chairpersons: Susan Ferguson, Jim Fuguson Treasurer: Ian Watson Registrar: Shelia Wilson Secretary: Sally Clayton Program by: Liz Burns, Bob Houghton Committee Groups: Brooklyn: Sally Freedman Hudson Valley: Norman Auslander Nassau-Suffolk: Ellen Sears New York-McBurney: Robin Anthony Scotia: Nick Knox Westchester: Teresa Perez