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0 00:00It's Fun to Dance R40 · 3/4L
Marilyn Watson: Stepping Out Part 1 - Basic SCDs for beginners · Crib: MiniCribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

1s+2s dance RH across & LH back
1s slip step down & back to 2nd place
1s dance 1/2 Fig of 8 round 2s, 1s dance 1/2 Fig of 8 round 3s
2s+1s dance R&L
2s+1s+3s circle 6H round & back

0 00:00Step Practice: skip change

0 00:00Juggling with Kiwis J32 · 3/4L
Anselm Lingnau · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: SCDDB Contributed Cribs & Diagrams

1c set | dance down the middle and cast up round 3c to 1pl
1c+2c+3c mirror Reels3 on the sides, each couple crossing down from the top, at end 2c face out (1x,2x,3x)
1c+2c ¾ of DblFig8 while{} 3c cross RH on [21-22] | All set (2,1x,3)
2c+3c dance BtoB while{} 1c pass P Rsh, swivel R to face P, and retire ; 2c+1c+3c turn RH

0 00:00Mathilde is a Delight S32 · 3/3L
Raphaëlle Orgeret: RSCDS 50 6 · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

Grand Chain (1,2,3)
1W followed by 1M cast off 1pl and cross to 2plx (2c up on 11-12) ; 1M followed by 1W cast off 1pl and cross to 3pl (3c up on 15-16) (2,3,1)
All set | turn P RH ½ and twirl R to opposite side | set (2x,3x,1x)
½ circle6 to (1,3,2) | 2c+1c “The Capstan”: 1c (start inwards) + 2c (outwards) dance 1½ times “easy shoulder” round 3c on the side (1c loop into 3pl). (2,3,1)

0 00:00Double Trouble Triangles R48 · 4/4L
Judith Kowalczik: RSCDS 50 8 · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

1M+4W set | A&R | set while{8} 1W+4M stand | set ; advance | set (bar 5-8 RHJ with P)
1c+2M & 4c+3W RHA (2M+3W finish in end places) | 1c+2W & 4c+3M LHA (2c+3c now in end places, 1c+4c finish outside set on opp. side, 1W & 4M facing out)
1W & 4M, each followed by P, cclw cast 2 places and finish on midline BtoB with P, 4c above 1c, M facing up, W down ; 2c+4M & 1W+3c circle3 while{4} middles turn LH ½ | clap and turn RH ½
1W+3c & 4M+2c set as in DTr while{2} middles ½ turn BH | 1W+4W & 1M+4M change places as in DTr while 2c+3c set ; repeat [25-28] from exchanged places, but finish 1c & 4c (with W on L) in middle facing up NHJ
1c followed by 4c lead up and cast off, 1c to 3plx, 4c to 2plx ; 1c+4c ½ Fig8 round end cpl (2,4,1,3)
All ½ turn P RH, finish in the middle, facing P RHJ | set ; pass RSh to own side | All set (2,4,1,3)

0 00:00Chased Lovers J32 · 3/4L
Tim Wilson: World Wide Weavings · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

1c set | cross down no hands (2c up) ; cast behind 3c and up the midline, W in front of P
2M + 1W (1M following) + 3W Lsh diag Reel3, at end 1c pivot R to face down. 1M in front
2W+1M (1W following) +3M Rsh Diag. Reel3, 1c finish facing 1cnr
1c+1cnrs Cnrs Pass and Turn, pass Rsh ; 1c+2cnrs Cnrs Pass and Turn, 1c crossing to (2,1,3)