Person Regina Freinbichler 11162

1975 – 2022
Salzburg, Austria
Areas of activity
  • Deviser of dances
  • Publisher of dance descriptions

After long suffering from cancer she has died on 5th March 2022 far too early in the age of 46.

Born in Salzburg on 6th August 1975, Regina was a sporty person from early ages onwards. She did gymnastics already as a child and did artistic gymnastics actively until the age of 16. Later she became a trainer of gymnastics.

Later she studied history, English and mathematics to become a teacher. During her study she did a 10-month stay in Glasgow. She was deeply impressed by Scotland, Scottish culture and especially Scottish dancing.

In 2008 Regina was the founder of "The Flying Scotsman Scottish Dancers Salzburg" inside her gymnastics sports club Turnverein Maxglan. She also organized Dance Workshops in Salzburg with excellent teachers like Ron Wallace in 2011. Due to her health conditions she had to hand over the group to Katrin Edelmann in February 2020. Katrin leads on the group as "Cuillin Scottish Dancers" in Salzburg now independant of the sports club.

Regina has devised a number of dances. One of them is "Between Yews and Willows", a dance she wrote on the context of her illness. The dance leaflet contains her "Ovarian Cancer Appeal for Scottish Country Dancers".

Nine of her dances she has released in a PDF collection called "Own Dances" which is currently available at where also videos of five of the dances can be viewed.

Furthermore, in 2015 Regina wrote and published the book "Scottish Country Dancing with Beginners" sharing her thoughts and experiences on teaching new dancers and mixed level groups. The book contains a lot of material including another seven dances of hers and is available at Leeds Branch Shop.

Besides Scottish dancing and gymnastics she was deeply involved in the production of the magazine "Wir bringen Schottland nach Salzburg" (= We bring Scotland to Salzburg) which was released several times a year and so far reached 13 issues.

Even in the last days of her life in hospice she was devoted to her fascination about Scotland. She was working on a book called "Faszination Schottland" (in German) which is about to be published mid-March 2022. Sadly, she did not live long enough to see it happen herself.

Own Dances Own Dances Regina Freinbichler 2021
Scottish Country Dancing with Beginners Scottish Country Dancing with Beginners Regina Freinbichler 2015