Publication RSCDS Herefordshire Branch 40th Anniversary Collection of Dances 1967-2007 1128

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Herefordshire 40th Anniv. 2007
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RSCDS Herefordshire Branch

Some two and a half years ago, Fran Smith undertook to compile a book of hitherto unpublished dances pertaining to the Herefordshire Branch of the RSCDS and its affiliated clubs. This proved to be a somewhat time consuming task, but in spite of many trials and tribulations along the way, Fran's persistence has paid off and we are fortunate to be able to produce this little collection. There are dances for all grades of Scottish Country dancers from beginners to the more advanced.

Our thanks and congratulations to Fran for her efforts and her success in compiling this booklet in time to help us celebrate the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Herefordshire Branch of the RSCDS.

Nigel Carter

Compiled by Fran Smith

All of the dances in this book have some connection with RSCDS Herefordshire. Some were devised by members, some for members, or for special occasions. Two of the dances, Jonathan’s Jig and Ross in Bloom appear in a Limited Edition booklet produced by Ross Reel Club but the rest are unpublished even though they may have been around for a while.

First Published April 2008
This edition Published 2014

There are a number of other dances with a connection to Herefordshire RSCDS. Those I know of are listed below. The source is given using best information available but I cannot guarantee all the publications can still be purchased.

The Black Mountain Reel Derek Haynes Carnforth Collection of SC
The Blue Mess Jacket Douglas Henderson
Connie’s Jig Steve Goulden RSCDS Book 41
Ewan Telford’s Strathspey Alison Telford Casnewydd Collection
The Festival Fancy Abergavenny Children’s Class Casnewydd Collection
Flora Inglis’ Strathspey John Drewry Greenburn Book 2
Henderson in Hereford John Drewry Winter Collection 1988
The Hereford Rant Douglas Henderson
Hereford Silver Jubilee Douglas Henderson Scottish National Dance Company
Over the Moon John Drewry Greenburn Book 2
Rings Around the Moon John Drewry Greenburn Book 2
Wormbridge House Derek Haynes Scottish Dance Archive