Publication An Angus Scottish Country Dance Book 1195

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Short name
Angus Book
Published by
Charlie Auld

Date of publication unknown, but after 2006.

Bunty Wilson has taught Scottish Country Dancing in Montrose for many years. As a tribute, the dance “Tribute to Bunty” was composed in her honour and was first danced by a set trained by Irene Farnell, the other teacher in Montrose. Irene’s efforts to have the dance published by the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society were rejected. This led to the idea that it should be published independently. It was then discovered that there were a number of other dances composed in Angus that had not been published, and this in turn led to the idea of publishing a collection.

Dances contributed to the collection were composed by Muriel Boal, Charles Auld, Mary Gardner and Mark Noble. Dances include some more suitable for beginners and some for more advanced dancers.

The music for “Tribute to Bunty” was composed especially by Jimmy Boal. Most of the other music is derived from the Caledonian Companion collection of traditional Scottish tunes.

Many of the dances are linked to places in Angus, to other activities, to looking at the glens, and the history of the area.