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Publication Canada's Irish Rover 1466

Wes Clindinning – Canada’s Irish Rover

As the Teachers’ Association (Canada) celebrates its 60th anniversary year, it is entirely fitting to pay tribute to Wesley Clindinning, one of TAC’s long-time and most enthusiastic supporters, by publishing a collection of dances he devised over many years of dedicated service to the Association and to Scottish Country Dancing in general.

Irish-born Wes received his Teachers’ Certificate in 1975 and, as well as being a popular teacher of Scottish country dancing, he was also a highland dancer with the Toronto Scottish Regiment, a tutor for potential teacher candidates and a guest teacher at workshops throughout North America and overseas.

Wes was Chairman of TAC from 1982 to 1984, during which period he “hosted” the Silver Jubilee Teachers’ AGM Weekend, and established the Silver Jubilee Scholarship Fund. Now known as the Jubilee Scholarship Fund, it continues to assist candidates to attend candidate classes at TAC Summer School. He encouraged many dancers to obtain their teaching certificates and thus continue spreading the joy of Scottish Country Dancing far and wide.

Wes will be remembered for many things, including his sense of humour, and his enjoyment of travel and social gatherings. He always had a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face and ensured that his classes were fun, even when introducing difficult or more advanced SCD steps and formations. He had an appealing way of demonstrating the finer points of dancing and was adept at correcting and improving its performance without making any dancer feel singled out. His classes were well planned and emphasized the social aspects of SCD, including good handing and eye contact with one’s partner . Most of all, though, Wes was passionate about Scottish Country Dancing and really enjoyed imparting his knowledge and love of the dance to his classes. Unbeknownst to most dancers, he often did this in spite of pain caused by severe osteoarthritis. He inspired countless dancers with his friendliness and enthusiasm, right up until the time when health issues made it impossible for him to continue. It is hoped that the dances in this booklet will impart some of his love of the dance to those who never met him or experienced his teaching.

Diana K Hooper Willowdale, ON