Publication San Diego Bicentennial 324

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Short name
San Diego 200
Published by
San Diego Branch

First published in July 1976. Second edition October 1977.

The order of dances might have been changed between editions. A different order is given in issue 2714 which also corresponds to that in scans of dance pages available to the e-cribs team. Those have page numbers as follows:
2: Oh My America!
4: The Craigdarroch Jig
6: Hands Across the Ocean
8: McCormick's Reaper
10: The Prairie Schooner
12: The Ballachulish Ferry
14: John Paul Jones' Apologies to Lady Selkirk
17: No The Noo, Johnny
18: The High Road
22: Battle Road
24: My Piper's Dream
28: Washington Crossing
31: The Covered Wagon