Publication Roll Back the Carpet - We Agree to Differ 406

This publication was adopted by Eric Ferguson. — What does this mean?
Published by
Hugh Foss

The publication carries no date, but it must be after 1954 as there is a reference to that year. Much of the text was originally published in "The Reel" of the London Branch.

This delightful and interesting book describes and analyses a large variety of possible SCD figures. Only one dance is described, "Fugal Fergus", in the section on Counterpoint. The final discussions between "Light" and "Dark" in "We agree to differ", especially the famous "The Reel of three Perplexes Me", should be read by every dancer interested in the deeper structures of SCD.

London Branch has recently made scans of old issues of The Reel available on the web via

Those without access to the subsequent collection in book form can use the following links to the complete issues containing the original articles. One bonus issue (77) contains two articles.

We Agree to Differ (1952)

  1. Reel#004 The Reel of Three Perplexes Me
  2. Reel#005 Should We?
  3. Reel#006 The Women's Reel
  4. Reel#007 New Dances
  5. Reel#008 Beginners

Roll Back the Carpet (1963-5)

  1. Reel#071 Madrigals
  2. Reel#072 New figures from old
  3. Reel#073 More new reels
  4. Reel#074 Grafting
  5. Reel#075 Counterpoint
  6. Reel#077 Joints, plain and fitted
  7. Reel#077 Joints, flows and pauses
  8. Reel#078 The dance and its tune
  9. Reel#079 The tune: Structure
  10. Reel#080 The tune: content
  11. Reel#081 Petronella
  12. Reel#082 The Montgomeries' Rant