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Publication Thistle Club Jubilee Book 1977-2002 574

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Published by
The Thistle Club

Correction note
The tune “The White Bridge” is incorrectly assigned to be “traditional” (handwritten content by Ian Slater). It is Nancy Dickson’s tune.

25 years Thistle Club 12–10–2002
In 25 years of dancing, the Thistle Club was shaped by its members, teachers and dancers like as well as by many that attended dayschools and the sometimes spectacular balls that were held in Eindhoven. The musicians that played for us also took their part, be it as members of a band or as individual musicians to play for a dayschool.
To all of those this Jubilee Book is dedicated, and therefore it contains not only dances and music from Thistle Club members, but also from “outsiders”, so that it reflects in a way the multicoloured pattern of the Thistle Club over the past quarter century.
We do hope that you will enjoy the book, and our special thanks go to the dance makers and composers who all contributed enthusiastically to this book.

Bas Broekhuizen
Lily Bruns
Monica Ferguson
Bernie Hewitt
Alistar Hunter
Anselm Lingnau
George McLennan
Marjolij Rijnenberg-Nabbe
Ian Slater
Sheena Sturrock
Marijcke Visscher