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Hamilton Welcome
Published by
Hamilton (Ont.) Branch RSCDS

The two dances have been devised in 1999 by Roy Goldring.

"Hamilton Welcome" is dedicated to the Hamilton (Ontario) Branch of the RSCDS, while "Hamilton Hospitality" is inscribed for Margaret and John Walton as well as Carol and John Dinsmore, the hosts for the Hamilton (Ontario) Branch Weekend.

Further information from the leaflet: Roy Goldring and his wife, Doreen, came to Hamilton, Ontario in October 1999 for the annual Hamilton Branch Weekend. It was the Goldrings' first visit to Canada and we had the privilege of introducing them to Hamilton and the Niagara Peninsula.

We had a wonderful time with Roy - learning new dances and dancing past favourites. At the conclusion of the weekend, we were honoured when Roy presented the branch with these two fine dances.

Thank you, Roy. We hope with this leaflet to share them with Scottish Country Dancers around the world.

The dance, "Hamilton Hospitality" was featured on the program for our Millennium Ball, April 1, 2000. Bobby Brown introduced the tune "John Middleton's Reel" on that occasion.

The tune selected for "Hamilton Welcome", "Roy's Threescore And Ten", was composed by Alastair Hunter and named for Roy Goldring.

The Hamilton Branch thank both Bobby and Alastair for permission to include their music in this leaflet.