Tune Miss Monaghan 1225

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160 bar set reel (or 5x32) 160 bar set reel (or 5x32) Bobby Murray R32 5 2/5
Walker Street/Miss Monaghan/Sheehan's Reel/Olive Branch/Walter Street
Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, The The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh Bobby Crowe and his Scottish Dance Band R40 8 4/7 The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh/Birkhall/Bonnie Banchory/Miss Monaghan/Bonnie Charlie/Calver Lodge/The High Level Hornpipe
Hamilton Rant Hamilton Rant Colin Campbell and his Highland Band R48 4 3/3 Dr Bob Smith/Far Frae Hame/Miss Monaghan
Highland Rambler, The The Highland Rambler Bobby Crowe & Muriel Johnstone R40 8 3/4
John Illingsworth/Lord Saltoun/Miss Monaghan/Bobby Crowe's Compliments to the Laird o' Corrieburn
Inverness Country Dance Inverness Country Dance Alex Macarthur & His Scottish Dance Band R32 8 2/4
Speed the Plough/Miss Monaghan/Willie Davie/Babes in the Wood
Irish Reels Irish Reels Sound Company R32 8 1/4
Miss Monaghan/Sheehan's Reel/The Reconciliation/Tam Lin
Petronella Petronella Max Houliston and his Scottish Band R32 6 3/3 Petronella/Bonnie Banchory/Miss Monaghan
Reels Reels Bobby Brown and The Scottish Accent R32 4 4/4 My Love is in America/Miss Johnstone/Miss Brady/Miss Monaghan
Roxburgh Castle Roxburgh Castle Sandy Nixon and his Scottish Dance Band R32 4 2/4 Roxburgh Castle/Miss Monaghan/The Reconciliation/Donald Stewart (The Piper)
Snibbett Bibliotheck Snibbett Bibliotheck David Cunningham Trio and Ron Gonnella R32 8 3/4
The Pends/Far Frae Hame/Miss Monaghan/John McNeil's Reel
Wind that Shakes the Barley, The The Wind that Shakes the Barley Bobby Brown and The Scottish Accent R32 8 2/4 The Wind that Shakes the Barley/Miss Monaghan/Lough Conn/The Belfast Lassies
Blue Eyed Lassie, The The Blue Eyed Lassie R323/4L Bill Forbes
Galloway Pippins Galloway Pippins R324/4L Jean Attwood
Lords Of The Wind, The The Lords Of The Wind R323/4L Iain Boyd
Age of Aquarius Age of Aquarius R323/4L Sandra Carroll