Tune Mrs Grace Bowie 1313

Composed by
Adam Rennie

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Argyll's Fancy Argyll's Fancy Iain MacPhail and his Scottish Dance Band J48 4 3/4 Argyll is my Name/Miss Maria Stewart's Jig/Mrs Grace Bowie/Balcomie House
Come Under my Plaidie Come Under my Plaidie The Craigowl Scottish Dance Band J32 5 2/5
Miss J. Rose's Reel/Mrs Grace Bowie/Miss Moira Sinclair/Coldside Jig/Come Under My Plaidie
Fairly Shot O' Her Fairly Shot O' Her The Glendaruel Scottish Dance Band J32 6 2/3 Fairly Shot O' Her/Mrs Grace Bowie/The Jimmy Harris Jig
Golden Pheasant, The The Golden Pheasant Adam Rennie and his SCD Quartet J40 5 4/4 The Golden Pheasant/Sir Torquil Munro/Elizabeth Donald of Mosside/Mrs Grace Bowie
Golden Pheasant, The The Golden Pheasant Ian Holmes and his Scottish Dance Band with Ian Powrie J40 8 3/4
The Golden Pheasant/The Berwickshire Volunteers/Mrs Grace Bowie/A Trip to Saint Andrews
Half and Half Half and Half Harp and Claymore J32 8 3/3 Half and Half/Orange and Blue/Mrs Grace Bowie
Ian Powrie's Farewell to Auchterarder Ian Powrie's Farewell to Auchterarder Jim Johnstone and his Band J128 2/2 West Kirkton/Mrs Grace Bowie
Itchy Feet Itchy Feet Scotch Mist J32 8 4/4 The Clachan/Young Meg/The Berwickshire Volunteers/Mrs Grace Bowie
Middling, Thank You Middling, Thank You Irvine Valley Scottish Dance Band J40 8 4/4 Middling, Thank You/The Jig Runrig/Drummond Castle/Mrs Grace Bowie
Miss Bennet's Jig Miss Bennet's Jig Nicol McLaren & The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band J32 8 4/4
Miss Betty Hunter/Mr & Mrs MacRogerson/The Jimmy Harris Jig/Mrs Grace Bowie
Miss Marjory Duffields Jig Miss Marjory Duffields Jig Jim Mackay Scottish Dance Band J32 4 3/4 Marjory Duffields Jig/Elizabeth Adair/Mrs Grace Bowie/Kathleen's Fancy
Modern Scottish Jigs Modern Scottish Jigs Bobby Harvey J32 7 1/3 Mrs Grace Bowie/Elizabeth Adair/Princess Margaret's Jig
Strip the Willow (6/8) Strip the Willow (6/8) John Ellis and his Highland Country Band J32 2/5 Leaving Lismore/The Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre/Mrs Grace Bowie/Sir Torquil Munro/The Cock o' the North
Weaver, The The Weaver Jimmy Blair and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 3/3 The Weaver and His Wife/The Little Burnt Potato/Mrs Grace Bowie
Weaver, The The Weaver J323/4L James B Cosh
Forester, The The Forester J322/4L Nicholas Skiera
Mrs Grace Bowie Mrs Grace Bowie R323/4L John W Mitchell
Mr & Mrs Brian Hamilton Of Boldmere Mr & Mrs Brian Hamilton Of Boldmere J323/4L George Swirles
Luckenbooth Brooch, The The Luckenbooth Brooch J323/4L John Bowie Dickson