Tune Christie MacLeod 2138

Composed by
Jim Johnstone
Published in

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About Time About Time Graeme Munro and his Band J32 8 7/7
John Renton's "Rolls"/Wee Corrie/Trip to Tobermory/Alex Little MC/The Family Pride/Anne Fraser MacKenzie/Christie MacLeod
Airdrie Lassies Airdrie Lassies Alan Gardiner and his Scottish Dance Band J48 4 2/3
Airdrie Lassies/Christie MacLeod/The Dandy Dancer
Airie Bennan Airie Bennan The Ian Muir Sound J32 5 2/4
The Cock o' the North/Christie MacLeod/The Maid on the Green/Aithernie Lodge
Bonnie Dundee Bonnie Dundee Sandy Legget & the Carseloch Band J32 8 2/4
Bonnie Dundee/Christie MacLeod/Norven House/The Man From North Connel
Chippy's Rant Chippy's Rant Frank Reid J32 3 1/3 Christie MacLeod/Donach Head/Jamie Rae
Colin's Kilts Colin's Kilts James Coutts and his Scottish Dance Band J40 8 2/7
Colin Coull of Buckie/Christie MacLeod/Craighall/Geordie, Geordie Stop the Cairt/Miss Katrina Margaret Douglas/Jennifer Fletcher of Monaco/Sweet Nell of Glencarse
Dandy Dancer, The The Dandy Dancer Marie Fielding & Friends J32 4 2/4 The Dandy Dancer/Christie MacLeod/Stoneypath Tower/Davie's Brae
Dundee Reel Dundee Reel Robert Whitehead & the Danelaw Band J40 8 2/4
Bonnie Dundee/Christie MacLeod/The Drunken Parson/The Corner House Jig
Eva Three Step Eva Three Step Jimmy Shand Jnr. and his Band X16 2/2 Angus McLeod of Auggar/Christie MacLeod
Gilly Flower, The The Gilly Flower David Hall and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 3/4
Opera Dance/Rob's Jig/Christie MacLeod/The Hundred Pipers
Heather Bank Jig, The The Heather Bank Jig David Cunningham and his Scottish Dance Band J32 4 2/4
The Heather Bank Jig/Christie MacLeod/Jim Anderson's Delight/Calliope House
Hogmanay Jig Hogmanay Jig Marian Anderson and her Band J32 8 4/4
Hogmanay Jig/The Dandy Dancer/Jackie Clarke's Jig/Christie MacLeod
Hollin Buss, The The Hollin Buss Olympians Scottish Dance Band J32 8 4/7 Farewell to the Tay/MacDougall's March/Rab's Wedding/Christie MacLeod/Walking the Floor/Cherish the Ladies/Happy We'll Be
Ladies' Fancy Ladies' Fancy Robert Whitehead & the Danelaw Band J32 8 3/4 Peggie's Wedding/The Hare Amang the Corn/Christie MacLeod/Gallagher's Rant
Linton Ploughman, The The Linton Ploughman Bobby Brown and The Scottish Accent J32 8 3/4
The Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre/Aithernie Lodge/Christie MacLeod/The Maid at the Well
Lions International Lions International John MacGregor Scottish Dance Band J48 4 4/4 Lions International/Warwick's Land/Cavehill/Christie MacLeod
Lochiel's Welcome Lochiel's Welcome Dewhurst, Chris, Julie & Nick J32 3 2/3 Lochiel's Welcome/Christie MacLeod/Jim Anderson's Delight
Mrs Stewart's Jig Mrs Stewart's Jig Ewan Galloway J32 8 4/4 Captain Charles Stewart's Jigg/The Dandy Dancer/Joan's Jig/Christie MacLeod
Quarries' Jig Quarries' Jig The Ian Muir Sound J32 8 2/4
Mrs Muir McKenzie's Favourite/Christie MacLeod/The Maid on the Green/Aithernie Lodge
Reel of the 51st Division, The The Reel of the 51st Division Colin Dewar and his Scottish Dance Band R32 7/8 The Drunken Piper/Struy Lodge/The Kilt is my Delight/My Pretty Maid/The Piper of Drummond/The Light Haired Maid/Christie MacLeod/Miss Menzies of Culdoves
River Cree, The The River Cree Simon Howie and his Scottish Dance Band J32 6 2/4 Jackson's Bottle of Claret/Christie MacLeod/Malcolm Ross/Donald Iain Rankine
Swilcan Jig, The The Swilcan Jig Ian Reid and his Scottish Dance Band J32 4 2/4 Gordon B. Cosh/Christie MacLeod/Stoneypath Tower/John Whyte's Jig
Swilcan, The The Swilcan Jim Johnstone and his Band J32 8 2/4 Gordon B. Cosh/Christie MacLeod/Donach Head/Jamie Rae
Tiaras & Teapots Tiaras & Teapots Marian Anderson and her Band J40 8 1/4
Christie MacLeod/Gowan Hill/The Heather Mixture Jig/The Drunken Parson
Tribute to the Borders Tribute to the Borders Callum Wilson and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 2/4 The Daggs of Craighouse/Christie MacLeod/Miss Stewart's Fancy/The Family Pride
Trip to Blairgowrie Trip to Blairgowrie The Ian Muir Sound J40 8 2/4 Henry Robson's Button Box/Christie MacLeod/The Maid on the Green/Aithernie Lodge
Chippy's Rant Chippy's Rant J323/3L Ann Dix
Thirty Years On Thirty Years On J323/4L Ian Simmonds
Three's A Crowd Three's A Crowd J323/3L Betty Grant
Tournee-Do Tournee-Do J323/3L Phil Bowlen
Wee Moira's Jig Wee Moira's Jig J323/4L John Duigenan
Christie MacLeod Christie MacLeod J323/4L Alec Hay
Christie McLeod Christie McLeod R322RR John W Mitchell