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Tune Moulin Dhu 2646

Also known as “Muilean Dubh”, “Muilin Dhu”.

Composed by
Published in

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Alison's Round Reel Alison's Round Reel J Gray / L Risk / S Petrov R32 6 4/4
Bedrule Bedrule The Tain Band S32 8 7/7
Caledonian Country Dance Caledonian Country Dance Ian Powrie and his Band S24 4 2/2
Carl Cam O'er the Croft, The The Carl Cam O'er the Croft Muriel Johnstone's Band R32 8 2/4
Highland Schottische Highland Schottische (as “Muilin Dhu”) Iain MacPhail and Friends S8 2/4
Highland Schottische Highland Schottische Andrew Rankine and his Band S8 2/4
Highland Scottische Highland Scottische Strathearn Scottish Dance Band S 2/2
King's Rant, The The King's Rant James Stanley 'Stan' Hamilton R32 8 3/4
Moulin Dhu, The The Moulin Dhu Jimmy Blair and his Scottish Dance Band ? 1/1
Robertson Rant, The The Robertson Rant Frank Reid and his Band S80 3/3
French Connection, The The French Connection S323/4L Gene A MacKinnon
Foursome Reel Foursome Reel M642c Unknown
Glenmore Rant Glenmore Rant R48>9 persons Bob Donald