Tune Clancy's Salsa 8498

Composed by
George Carmichael

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Cadgers in the Cannongate Cadgers in the Cannongate Colin Dewar and his Scottish Dance Band R48 8 3/8
John McNeil's Reel/The Big Fin/Clancy's Salsa/Willie Hunter's Compliments to Hughie Hughson/Da Tushker/Miss Susan Cooper/The Dawn Hornpipe/Marie Pottinger's Reel
Celebration Dance Celebration Dance The Ian Muir Sound R32 4 4/4 Uniform 242/Bunji's Dilemma/Mouth of the Tobique/Clancy's Salsa
Clancy's Salsa Clancy's Salsa Sandy Nixon and his Scottish Dance Band R32 6 1/3
Clancy's Salsa/The Shallow Fish Reel/Ethel's Hangover
College Hornpipe, The The College Hornpipe Jennifer Wilson R32 8 8/8
Jolly Tars/The Anchor Hornpipe/Jan's Hornpipe/Alberta Experience/Debbie Anne's Reel/The Commodore/The Glasgow Hare/Clancy's Salsa
Galloway Lads and Lassies Galloway Lads and Lassies Ian Muir and his Scottish Dance Band R32 4 4/4 A' The Way to Galloway/Bunji's Dilemma/Joe Ramwell's Reel/Clancy's Salsa
Highland Lass, The The Highland Lass David Cunningham and his Scottish Dance Band R32 8 4/4
The Fairy Hillock/Bill's New Fiddle/Thelma's Favourite/Clancy's Salsa
Inimitable Derek, The The Inimitable Derek Ian Muir and his Scottish Dance Band R32 8 4/4
The Woody Woodpecker/Bunji's Dilemma/Joe Ramwell's Reel/Clancy's Salsa
Mr Iain Stuart Robertson Mr Iain Stuart Robertson Marian Anderson and her Band R32 8 4/4
The Langford Ceilidh/Skye Barbecue/Jim & Marilyn Healy's Reel/Clancy's Salsa
Shetland Quadrilles Figure 6 Shetland Quadrilles Figure 6 Da Fustra R32 6 4/4 Iain Peterson/Jack Delaney/Pat's Reel/Clancy's Salsa
Starlight Starlight Luke Brady's Scottish Dance Band R32 8 3/4 Mrs Agnes Ritchie/The Inside Oot Fish Eater/Clancy's Salsa/Red Wine Reel