Anselm Lingnau

The update seems to have gone through OK – it was a bigger job than originally planned but the system is now in as good a shape as it ever was.

We're also just half an hour of programming and a 2-hour import run of nearly 70.000 messages away from getting the Strathspey Archive back on track. There are a few loose ends to be tied up (e.g., dealing with the address rewriting that the nasty AOL/Yahoo! DMARC business inflicted on us earlier this year), but I'm quite positive it won't be long now. This goes hand in hand with an updated version of, which means I get to finally get rid of the previous version of the framework. Yay!

As always, if you find any anomalies or have other questions, suggestions, or criticism then do let me know.


· · Posted by Anselm Lingnau · 20 November 2014 1:59