Anselm Lingnau

“Activity flags” for Person records in the database (i.e., whether somebody is a dance author, publisher, tune composer, or recording musician) are now set automatically according to the content of the database (i.e., a person counts as a dance author if and only if there are dances in the database that are credited to them). This is intended to avoid problems where editors add people to the database without checking the appropriate boxes, which means that the corresponding tabs on the person's detail page will not be active.

This is more subtle than it seems because we need to take into account that someone can be a dance author by virtue of being part of a group of people (with a separate database entry) who co-devised a dance (and so on for the other entry types).

The activity flags for all Person entries in the database are updated once a day (night, really). For the time being, activity flags can still be set manually on a person's entry in the administration UI, but will be overwritten on the next update.

As a fringe benefit, it is now possible to edit group membership information in the administration UI. This functionality has been long overdue and is now finally available.


· · Posted by Anselm Lingnau · 14 March 2015 19:32 (last edited on 14 March 2015 19:34)