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Anselm Lingnau

Based on a suggestion by Murrough Landon, for dances in publications that (a) have a link to an online PDF and (b) give page numbers for the dances they contain, the database now displays direct links to the specific page of the PDF containing the dance in question. To test this, look at The Prince of Sutton Coldfield and click on the link given under “Online Sources”. At least on Chrome/Chromium and Firefox, this should open the internal PDF viewer with the actual dance (not the first page of the publication) displayed in the window.

This uses the http://…/foo.pdf#page=X link style promulgated by Adobe, so it should theoretically work with Adobe Reader, too (I don't have Adobe Reader so can't check – let me know how you get on if you're in a position to try it). Your mileage may vary.

· Posted by Anselm Lingnau · 7 October 2018 23:36

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