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Anselm’s Page!

Welcome to Anselm’s page on my.strathspey.

With hat.
I started dancing in early 1991, when I joined the Frankfurt SCD Club at the behest of a friend. In the meantime I spent altogether too much time on this than was good for me, and am now the Frankfurt club’s primary teacher, having taken over from Jack Campbell in 1998 (or so). I hold the RSCDS Teacher’s Certificate (St. Andrews first fortnight, 2000).

I also came up with (in 1993) and maintain the Strathspey mailing list and web site for SCD information, news and discussion, for which I was awarded the RSCDS Scroll of Honour in 2000. This makes me the youngest scroll recipient so far and the second German to receive one at all. The my.strathspey service is my newest brainchild, enabling dancers and dance groups all over the world to have their own web pages with very little effort and expense.

Feel free to contact me if you like or dislike these pages, or if you have any suggestions or comments. Do visit my other, non-SCD web site at http://www.anselms.net.

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