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The Jet Set Hornpipe

A 32-bar reel for three couples in a four-couple longwise set


1st and 2nd couples set and rotate, finishing facing second corners:

1st and 2nd couples join hands on the side and set to partners.
Pulling right shoulders back, they cast clockwise one place to face partners up and down the dance.
Giving right hands, they change places with partner.
They continue chasing round clockwise another place, 2nd couple finishing in first place while 1st couple curve round, passing by the right, to finish facing second corners (Fig. 1).

1st couple and second corners set, then 1st couple pull their right shoulders back and dance out to partner’s second corners’ places (Fig. 2) while second corners dance in, passing 1st couple by the right and turning right about to finish back to back in the middle facing their original place.


1st couple and second corners set, then second corners pull their right shoulders back and dance out to the place diagonally opposite their original place, while 1st couple, passing second corners by the right, dance in and pivot right about to finish facing partner’s first corner (Fig. 3).


1st couple repeat the pattern of bars 9–16 with first corners, finishing with 1st woman facing up, 1st man facing down, and first corners in the place diagonally opposite their original place.


1st couple dance around their partner’s second corner’s place by the right shoulder to finish in second place on their own sides while 3rd and 2nd couples dance rights and lefts half-way, starting up and down the dance (Fig. 4).


1st couple turn by the right hand once round.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

For Marie Schwarz, who is travelling the world – on the occasion of her birthday in July, 2010. The formation in bars 9–24 is based on the strathspey, Peter White, by Alec Hay of New Zealand, by way of Helen Greenwood’s jig, Best Set in the Hall – with a difference.

Devised by Anselm Lingnau, July 2010.

Music: The Merry-Go-Round (Kerr’s Coll.)

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