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Juggling with Kiwis (or, Angela’s Farewell)

A 32-bar jig for three couples in a four-couple longwise set

1st couple set to partner.
1st couple dance down the middle and cast up round 3rd couple back to original places.
1st, 2nd and 3rd couples dance mirror reels of three on the sides. As each couple reach top place, they cross over to the opposite side of the dance in second place. [NB. 1st couple cross on bars 9–10, 2nd couple on bars 11–12, 3rd couple on bars 13–14.] 2nd couple finish facing out.
1st and 2nd couples dance three quarters of a double figure of eight. On bars 21–22, 3rd couple, giving right hands, cross over to own sides.
2nd, 1st and 3rd couples, taking hands, set.
1st couple advance, passing partner by the right shoulder, pull right shoulders back to face partner, and retire to own sides. Meanwhile, 2nd and 3rd couples dance back to back.
2nd, 1st and 3rd couples, giving right hands, turn partner once round.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

For Angela Michel, who left Frankfurt for New Zealand in July, 2008. Angela’s other hobby is juggling.

Pilling-style diagram
Devised by Anselm Lingnau, June 2008.

Angela Michel's Farewell to Frankfurt
The first video below uses Captain William MacLeod's Fancy, the tune for Macleod's Fancy, from RSCDS Book 33. Recordings for that dance are usually four times through but might be useful for demonstrations. (There is an 8-by-32 recording on “Dancin’ Music” by Duncan Smith and Susan Worland.)

The Video

I came up with this dance on 21 June but didn’t know whether I would be able to attend Angela’s big farewell party the week after to introduce it, so we recorded the dance on video at our annual teacher training jumbo session, which happened to take place on 22 June. (Actually, the stooges are dancing in the video while the teachers are busy preparing the next round of exercises.) This is an informal event so the attire of some of the people is a bit casual, but the movements of the dance should be all right, even if they lack polish - the whole affair took about 15 minutes from explaining the dance to stopping the camera after the final chord. The camera was running pretty much all the time, and Tobias Hünger edited the data down to show only the actual dance. The whole procedure was quite spontaneous and very entertaining indeed, and we have a reel of out-takes to prove it, but you will have to come to Frankfurt to see that (I’m not about to jeopardise my health by putting it on the Net).

More Video

This video showing two turns of the dance was recorded at the 41st Frankfurt Spring Ball on 18 April 2009. It is of interest for the following two reasons: It contains the world premiere of the original tune, “Angela Michel’s Farewell to Frankfurt”, and the first name of all the ladies in the set is Eva. In particular, the original lineup is: Eva Schiedrum and Toni Auchter, Eva Krüger and Jan Zisenis, Eva Bauer and Tobias Hünger, and Eva-Maria Beckmann and Stefan Michell. The musicians are Christine Moos (fiddle), Sabine Meier-Ude (flute and tin whistle), Anselm Lingnau (piano), and Joe Wheadon (double bass). Cinematography by Kirsten Wichert, post-production by Anselm Lingnau.

Here is the set of tunes we played at the Ball.

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