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Tobias Hünger’s Welcome to Hude

A 32-bar jig for four couples in a longwise set

In this dance, 3rd and 4th couples start on the opposite sides of the set.

1st and 4th couples, giving right hands, cross over, then 1st couple cast off to second place while 2nd couple step up and 4th couple cast up to third place while 3rd couple step down.
1st couple dance a half figure of eight round 2nd couple while 4th couple dance a half figure of eight round 3rd couple. 1st and 4th couples curve in to finish in a small square with their backs to one another, facing the dancers round whom they have just danced. (Fig. 1)
All dancers set to the person they are facing.
1st and 4th couples chase anticlockwise halfway round to finish facing the place diagonally opposite from where they started. At the same time, 2nd and 3rd couples chase clockwise one place on. All finish as in Fig. 2.
Repeat bars 9–12 from new places. 1st and 4th couples finish as in Fig. 1 but 2nd and 3rd couples have moved half-way round the set.
1st and 4th couples (each couple dancing as one person) and 2nd and 3rd men dance half a diagonal “dolphin” reel of four, i.e., 1st man, closely followed by 1st woman, passes 3rd man by the right, then 1st couple turn right about individually to pass 2nd man by the right with 1st woman leading (4th couple dances likewise). 1st and 4th couples pass by the left shoulder to finish facing 2nd and 3rd women, respectively.
1st and 4th couples dance a similar reel with 2nd and 3rd women, finishing left shoulders to left shoulders with 4th couple nearer the top.
1st and 4th couples dance left hands across once round.
2nd and 4th couples, likewise 1st and 3rd couples, dance right hands across once round.

Repeat the dance from new places.

For Tobias Hünger and his wife Janneke (née Mitschker), on the occasion of their civil wedding, 14 December 2010.

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