Keith Rose on my.strathspey

I started dancing in Cambridge, UK in the 1970's with the Scots' Society there, before moving to near Bedford in the early 1980's. Here I have been treasurer, initially for the local RSCDS branch, and recently for its successor, the Bedford Scottish Dance Group which is affiliated.

I started to produce dance diagrams using a computer back in 1991, and now have drawn over 4300 of these. Most of these have now been uploaded to the Dance Database on my.strathspey to share with everybody. Please do use them, and if you should disagree with my interpretations of any of the dances, please do get in contact with me ( so that errors in the diagrams can be corrected and we can all benefit.

Here is a summary of the symbols which I am currently using (updated August 2014):

 Symbols used in Keith's diagrams

Keith Rose,
Bedford, UK.
December 2018